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Tag: effect


QuickSand is a live-input granular synthesis VST, made with JUCE. Rather than granulating a presupplied buffer (as traditional granular synthesizers do), QuickSand caches live input and granulates it in realtime. QuickSand was designed as an alternative to the lack of spontaneity offered in classic granular synths. In VST terms, QuickSand’s use of live input makes it an audio effect, rather than an instrument. This makes for a more dynamic user experience, and I hope it can help make granular synthesis a more convenient option in live performance!


A tiny effects chain, written in Faust, for easily routing dynamic mic input (in my case, an SM58) into applications that expect line-level webcam input (Discord, Zoom, Skype, etc) via JACK. Includes sensible defaults, controls for tweaking on the fly, and input/output VU meters. Usually I compile it using faust2jack (JACK + GTK), but any faust2 script with GUI support should work. _ -> noise gate -> signal multiplier -> dynamic compressor -> _