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Tag: composition


“Rearranged” is a short octophonic work made from instrumental samples and conrete sounds. The piece uses granular synthesis to turn sampled instruments into drones, which are then layered, modulated, and panned in 2D in order to create varied textures and gestures. Listen for harmonic content underneath layers of noise. Your browser does not support the audio element.

In Retrospect

In Retrospect is a short electroacoustic work created for manipulation of concrete sounds, sample MIDI instruments, and my own voice. I used Kontakt to reorchestrate Debussy’s Romance, adding strings, flute, and clarinet, and then manipulated the manipulated the audio from that arrangement to create drones and atmospheric textures, which I combined with concrete noises and a recording of myself reciting the lyrics to the Debussy piece. My goal was to convey the narrator of the poem’s point of view, using soft orchestral timbres alongisde those dissonant concrete sounds to mimick the clash between his interepretation of the past, and the obsessive, slightly spiteful way that he uses it to debase and blame his love interest.

No Bearing

“No Bearing” is a short work inspired by and derived entirely from the sounds produced by an aluminum yoyo. The piece’s spectral layout, structure, and use of modulation are all intended to reflect the sonic qualities of a spinning ball-bearing yoyo; a droning, consistent low register accompanied by piercing, resonant upper harmonics. Structurally, ‘No Bearing’ has two main sections: an initial, low velocity throw (the first 35 seconds), followed by a more confident one.