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Tag: linux

NixOS Configuration

In spring of 2021 I migrated my laptop configuration over to NixOS, a stateless Linux distribution backed by the purely functional package manager, Nix. My configuration is split between two repositories: a base NixOS config that contains all of my core utilities, and my home-manager configuration, which has all the graphical tools, scripts, and quality-of-life tweaks that I rely on day-to-day. Note: These two repos are loosely coupled, as my dwm build (which is included in the main configuration) has bindings for several of the scripts and programs that are bundled in my home-manager config.


My personal fork of Suckless' dynamic window manager. It contains a whole bunch of extra layouts (fibbonacci, monocle, etc.), a rich set of vim-inspired bindings, and a now-playing readout for mpd (instead of the usual window title display).